Star fruit

The star fruit work style is bold and star-studded. Star fruit are the big picture people, with great ideas and the charisma to inspire others to follow their cause. They’re always looking to innovate and discover the next big thing.


The apple work style is the emotional core of a team. Apples are supportive, intuitive, and motivated by developing relationships and making connections between other team members. Apples can minimize conflict, keep the team motivated, and throw a killer afterparty when the work is done.


The pomegranate work style is detail-oriented and compartmentalized. Pomegranate people break jobs into small, discrete tasks and are motivated by completing each one.


The avocado work style might be unkindly called a “procrastinator.” But that title has too much negative baggage. Instead, think of it as being patient, thoughtful, and motivated by proximity to deadlines.


Grapes start at the beginning, work their way through the twists, turns and forks, and ultimately are rewarded with a sweet solution. The grape work style likes to dig into hard problems and are guided by research and logic rather than intuition.